Pump Iran 

Iranian Pump Manufacturing Company (Pumpiran) was established in 1975, aiming at production of different types of pumps for civil, agricultural, and industrial usages. Since the beginning of its activity, Pumpiran signed a contract with the German KSB to transfer the know-how and it has had its production under the license of KSB.
Pumpiran has helped the establishment and development of pump technology in Iran. Pumpiran was founded in the historical and industrial city of Tabriz, 600 km northwest of Tehran. The company was started in an area of 87,500 square meters.
The total area for manufacturing workshops, laboratories, and administration is around 40,000 square meters with 400 staff. Pumpiran was transformed into public corporate in 1981 and it has more than 3,000 shareholders at the moment. The stock is available at the Iranian stock market.