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We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your visiting our web site of NARA E&C INC.,the company that was established at the dawn of the 21st century.
We, NARA E&C INC , will make ceaseless efforts to lead refrigeration equipments and HVAC industry in the future. Our young and competent staffs are all committed to the customers’ satisfaction by developing new products and improving the quality of the products.


Nara Engineering & Controls, Inc. has contributed for upgrading HVAC technology in supply of refrigeration & air-conditioning parts and components since 1990 with the advanced and quality products and utmost services to worldwide customers.

Nara E&C Inc is a reliable name of total solution for trouble free in refrigeration & air-conditioning industry in supply of international standard vibration absorbers, vacuum pumps, accumulators, oil separators , flexible capillary tubes and fittings with the high advanced engineering services, not only in domestic market, but also in global market too.

Featured Products

  • Swage type Coupling


    Straight Coupling   Untitled-9_13

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    Elbow Coupling      Untitled-9_24

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    Union Tee Coupling       Untitled-9_33

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    Union Nut Tee Coupling          Untitled-10_11

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  • Refrigerant Hose & FlexibleCapillary Tube

    The advent of new refrigerants and environmental issues have led to rethink refrigerant system
    leaks. One of the major concern is the reduction of refrigerant loss into the atmosphere due to
    system leaks. System can fail due to break of copper tubing, it is well aware of.
    To overcome this problem, there has been increased in use of flexible hose for this application

    Flexible Capillary Tube  Untitled-7_07



    Refrigerant Hose               Untitled-7_10

    Features, Advantages & Benefit

    Suitable for all CFC, HFC & HCFC refrigerants, natural gases and ammonia

    Working temperature : -40 C to + 130C Maximum

    Durable under high pressure
    Convenience for work

    Special Note
    Do not use in injection line

  • NP-9

    Simple and Convenient
    Hose assembly machine by Oil pressure
    From 1/4 inch to 1 inchin diameter
    For both Thermoplastic and Refrigerant hose