Young yet skilled in offering turnaround solutions to satisfy the various problems this market faces, the staff at M.P.M, a team of technicians and experts motivated and qualified in their fields, combine superior quality with fast product production.

We have a state-of-the-art goods handling system. Thanks to a careful study of pallet size, we have been able to optimise transport costs also for long and demanding hauls. Our warehouse is our winning strength offering fast and efficient dispatch of M.P.M products.

Quality Certification
In 2003 M.P.M was accredited with the “ISO 9001:2000 Vision” certification acknowledging the quality of the products offered. In constant evolution and launched towards the future, this company is ready to take up the new challenges of a changing market.

  • M.P.M. is specialized in plastic profiles extrusion for cold rooms and refrigerated cabinets.
    We offer you a complete range of hygienic profiles with soft fins to grant a perfect adherence to the wall, skirting profiles with a rounded shape to clean them easily and channels for a rapid installation of panels. Fully equipped with accessories and available in cheap models too.

    Large choice of bumpers to protect display cabinets, manufactured in rigid, soft and coextruded material, available in different colours. Unique in range and shape, these items combine versatility and elegance, easy to install and schockproof.




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    HERMETIC SYSTEM: new sanitary system, excellent water and dirty resistant, provided with special caps to grant hermetic closing.

    BUMPER FLOOR: spacer floor bumper to protect refrigerated cabinets and walls. Fully equipped with corners and assembly kit.

    GUARD RAIL: bumper system specific to protect walls against trolleys impact. Fast and easy to install and clean.

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