Kerman Tablo Corp. (KTC) 

In today’s highly competitive business world, forward-looking management and technical competence play as significant a role, if not a more significant one, as does capital investment. Expert management invariably results in higher returns on capital investment and more efficient utilization of available human resources. It further results in closer-to-ideal quality levels for customers as well as economic growth and increased national wealth for nations. Without doubt, a higher level of economic power ultimately yields a more prosperous and enjoyable life for mankind in the global arena.

It is our firm belief that, in a country so rich in highly valuable intellectual capacity and mineral reserves as Iran, proper application of advanced management techniques would be an effective and necessary element of successfully transforming the country into a world-class economic power. We also believe that strengthening private institutions would accelerate the growth rate of national economy to achieve the agility needed to maintain competitiveness in the global market. Within the present system of Iran’s economic management, free and constructive activities by the private sector taking would, by intelligent advantage of the opportunities in the global market, be the most determinant factor in the growth of Iran’s economy.