For over 45 years Icelings has been in the business of ice and refrigeration.

From the biggest block ice manufacturer to the first and foremost manufacturer of packaged tube ice and a global player in Tube Ice Plant and Industrial ice plant business, Icelings has come a long way.

Icelings is well known as a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of tubeice making plants, cooling systems, industrial refrigeration plants; specializing mainly in providing full turnkey tube ice plants, tube ice machines, industrial refrigeration equipment and ice storage and delivery systems. We can supply you with everything from a single tube ice machine to a complete tube ice plant. Since no two ice plants have the same design criteria or operating conditions, we custom design each plant as to customer’s requirements. These custom designs, ranging from 5 tonnes to over 125 tonnes of ice production in a day( 24 hours) are all conceived with efficiency being paramount.