For over 45 years Icelings has been in the business of ice and refrigeration.

From the biggest block ice manufacturer to the first and foremost manufacturer of packaged tube ice and a global player in Tube Ice Plant and Industrial ice plant business, Icelings has come a long way.

Icelings is well known as a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of tubeice making plants, cooling systems, industrial refrigeration plants; specializing mainly in providing full turnkey tube ice plants, tube ice machines, industrial refrigeration equipment and ice storage and delivery systems. We can supply you with everything from a single tube ice machine to a complete tube ice plant. Since no two ice plants have the same design criteria or operating conditions, we custom design each plant as to customer’s requirements. These custom designs, ranging from 5 tonnes to over 125 tonnes of ice production in a day( 24 hours) are all conceived with efficiency being paramount.

  • Icelings can supply you with everything from a single tube ice machine to a complete turnkey tube ice plant with tube ice production capacity range of 5 TPD to 125 TPD or more. We have installed and started-up tube ice plants for the industrial ice users from chemical companies, concrete companies, food processing companies, fisheries, poultry-processing, meat plants etc. Due to numerous advantages Tube ice plant offers, it has become most preferred ice making technology with the industrial ice users. Reputed customers from various industries have replaced flake ice machine and block ice plants with energy efficient Icelings tube ice plant.

  • In areas where the existing infrastructure makes the use of small, fragmented ice unsuitable, block ice offers the best alternative. Icelings can not only design and manufacture a containerized block ice plant as per your needs, but can also redesign it to be more efficient and increase it’s ice production. Only high quality refrigeration machinery and materials are used for manufacturing the whole installation ensuring high durability and minimum maintenance. The system design is very simple and hence operations such as filling of the ice cans, ice-harvesting and ice-processing cans will require minimum skills only.








    Thin-walled ice cans in specially designed racks are filled with precooled water and dipped into a tank where cold brine (salt solution) is circulated around the cans. The size of the tank required is related to the daily production. After freezing, a travelling crane lifts a row of cans and transports them to a thawing tank at the end of the freezing tank, where they are submerged in water to release the ice from the moulds. The cans are tipped to remove the blocks, refilled with fresh water and replaced in the brine tank for a further cycle. The blocks slide out and are either stocked in a storage room or distributed directly as a whole block.

    The ice blocks weight can vary from 50 to 150 kg, depending on requirements; 150 kg is considered the largest size one man can conveniently handle. The thicker the block the longer the freezing time. This type of packaged plant often requires continuous attention and a shift system is operated by the labour force which may be 10 to 15 workers for a 100 tpd plant. A good deal of space and labour for handling the ice is also a must.

  • Icelings “Icelfow” slurry ice machine makes ice in slurry form from the sea water. Due to semi fluid state Slurry ice is also known as liquid ice or pumpable ice.

    – Slurry ice engulfs the fish completely leaving no air pockets thereby ensuring rapid and even heat transfer

    -Produces slurry ice @ 125 kg/hour using seawater as and when required

    -Slurry ice is pumpable hence no need to carry ice from dock or transfer crushed ice

    -Slurry ice is soft and has no sharp edges thereby ensuring the best “A” grade fish quality with the high export price realization

    -Slurry ice temperature ranges between -2C and -6C ensuring rapid cooling thereby preserving the freshness

    -Stainless Steel 316 (food grade) used in all contact areas

    -Iceflow slurry ice machines are compact, weighs approx. 950kgs and occupies minimal space

    -Available in the capacity of 4, 6 and 8 Tons per day

    -Operate Slurry Ice Machine with dedicated diesel engine or powered by electric motor

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