Refrigeration provides unit coolers, condensing units and other commercial equipment used in cold storage applications primarily to preserve perishables in supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, warehouses, and distribution centers.

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Description :FC NEOSTAR “City” : Compactness and high efficiency. FI NEOSTAR “Industry” : Low pressure drop and high capacity. Wide range up to 1,200 kW, optimized head loss. Main applications: air conditioning, free cooling, co-generation, power plants, process, industry … and cooling all kinds of fluids compatible with copper, with a maximum inlet temperature of 100°C.


Description : The MUC-LUC range meets the requirements of medium size cold rooms (up to 70 m3). • New guard design with air stream straighteners guaranteeing excellent air flow up to 30 m. • The drain pan is designed with rounded corners and a base sloping toward the drain pipe o ensure maximum safety and hygiene. • Supplied with factory wired fans as standard.


Description : The 40 models in the TA range meet the requirements of laboratories, cutting and work areas, air locks, etc… • Exceptionally low noise levels with the 6 or 8-pole models. • The low air flow speed guarantees comfort as well as accurate control of both temperature and hygrometry. • Optimised air throw up to 12 m. • Sturdy and corrosion-resistant unit, coils totally anti-corrosion treated as standard, ABS casing and stainless steel screws. • An intermediate drain pan avoids condensation on the casing.