This company has the possibility for submitting all the steps of Freon & Ammonia projects such as designing, calculating, manufacturing and installing refrigeration projects with supplying insulation and also has the capability in manufacturing, installing and training machinery including evaporators, condensers and sandwich  Panels.

One of the specific capabilities of this company is designing and installing rack projects in which using central system instead of multi unit that has important role in saving energy, optimal maintenance and more appropriate usage.

  • Air Cooled Evaporator –> For NH3

    Having used stainless steel tubes and aluminum fins are caused to reduce weight, increase the heat transfer coefficient, high resistant corrosion, fast defrosting, less energy consumption, durability and cost reduction in comparison with galvanized ones.

  • Evevaporator Condenser

    Coil:  304-L  stainless steel tube

    Cover:  complete stainless steel

    Centrifugal fan with remote control

    De super heater coil: stainless steel coil equipping with aluminum fin.


  • Air Cooled Condenser

    The Cover is made of steel with electrostatic powder coating that resistance against corrosion or external factors. Modern chassis’s are designed to be moved easily as well as to be used separately or attached to the condenser’s stands.


     The coils are made of inner grooved 3/8 tubes with a triangular structure and corrugated fins.

     Fans are made of external rotors in three 42, 50, 80 (cm) sizes, with 900,1450 RPM speed, low sound  and their motors equipped with IP54 protection classified and F thermal protection.

  • Cooling Tower

    Single circuit, multi circuits

    Closed circuit, open circuit

    Use axial fans in small models and back ward centrifugal fan in large ones.

    Producing from the best quality of  warm galvanized sheet

    fast assembly & disassembly  in the location of installation by screw and nuts without any welding

    Capability of installing coil and use it as the evaporative condenser or closed circuit cooling tower.

  • Electrical Boards

    Control board of refrigeration systems

    Control  board of rack systems equipped with Plc

    Distribution boards

    Capacitor bank panel

  • The participation of Arshehkar co. (Iran Agro food 2013)

    The participation of Arshehkar co. with new products in Twentieth Exhibition of agricultural, food, machinery and related industries (Iran Agro food 2013)

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